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Welcome to Jackie Taylor's World of all handmade unique, Wearable Art crafted from my heart and soul!

My influence draws heavily from traveling and discovering different cultures, colors, textures, and textiles . The inspiration for my pieces can come from anywhere, be it Balinese Art and Dance, Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, or Ancient Egypt. 

Once my ideas take hold, I move on to research and experimenting with various tools, materials, and objects. I like to surround myself with all my ingredients when I am creating my one of a kind pieces.

My process has developed over many years since leaving fashion school in Berlin. Having the opportunity to work under recognized designers has further motivated me to shape my own, Jackie Taylor brand. 

I have since had the opportunity to collaborate extensively with other artists. My studio has always been a gathering place to connect with other creatives from all disciplines of art.

I thrive on working with clients to create unique items so please don't hesitate to contact me with any special requests.